Andrei Vadan

Andrei Vădan

As a fan of Star Wars all I can say
“I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.” — Jango Fett

My short description

I was born in Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania. If you don’t know where is it, just search for a country called Romania, in Europe. It’s like a fish and it has nice views. I think you already saw one, just the above one. Don’t worry, I just took it in my County with a phone.

I am a quality assurance automation engineer that has more than 10 years of experience. I specialized in mobile apps, I have knowledge about web, desktop projects and operating systems.

My experience spans throughout various technology solutions focusing on faster and more reliable testing processes to ease the work efforts for both developers and quality assurance engineers. This comes after working on several projects on different platforms and technologies.

For leisure, I love to walk in the countryside, travelling and to discover the world’s culture. Other than this I also like cars and good wine.

I worked on some projects, done some things, and here there are some of them.

2024 - soon ...
2023 - work in progress

Phd ...

Trying to finish what I started, the PhD.

First born

Having the first child is something that can’t be described in words, if you are lucky.
2022 - projects and articles ...

More testing

Testing my smart home system and presenting the LEE design pattern at SEETEST.


Defining the LEE design pattern and presenting it at AQTR.

Sensors and their issues

When you expect that temperature sensors to work well, you might notice that they don’t. So, you need to calibrate them, but if you don’t have the precise tools, you need to learn how to do it. I just published my founding’s during AQTR conference.
2021 - new beginnings ... Porsche ...

Testig in automobile industry

New beginnings, new testing techniques, new people around, new challenges 😀
2020 - can we erase it please ?

My Home automation project

Just an other home automation project!

My super Jenkins pipelines

Automation is not just about running tests automatically and using frameworks. It’s also about integration of the testing solution in a CI / CD pipeline.
2019 - what an awesome year

America, Silicon Valley

Let’s do a visit, meet the entire team.

Let's build a custom automation framework with QA Engineers in mind

Let’s work faster and easier. Let’s do a better testing system which is very easy to use.

SEETEST - just a conference organized by ISTQB board members

Thank you for letting me present you something new. For me, it was a new experience, hope to repeat it in 2021 since we can erase 2020 …


Let’s tell people the story behind our custom automation framework. You can find all the things in the Quality Matters magazine, issue number 10.
2018 - a new beginning

Appium & Selenium in one framework

Mobile and web testing in one framework ? No problem, we have C#, Appium and Selenium. Combining the power of those tools with C#, a new framework with extraordinary capabilities in just 6 months and complicated flows that needs validation on web, not a problem anymore.

Kotlin and friends

Time to learn new programming languages. Kotlin, bash, groovy and friends – friends that are looking like apples, from a MS certified solution engineer perspective.
2017 - work harder

Testing ? ISTQB?

I wasn’t the best developer, I had talent in testing and business flows. First let’s learn more about testing and get that certification. Automation? Hmmm… sounds good.

Hackathon's, UWP and Windows 10 power

Passion for Windows Phone, built a fully deployable app in 5 days. Improve it, never released cause Windows phone … who will use it ? Actually it was a Windows 10, mobile and desktop compatible app, still works.

Help ... help

Working extra hours for kids with disabilities. Made the most awesome and colorful app. Helped the team in creating a 3rd party library for Xiaomi My Band wrists on Android and iOS. Happy people.

Banking for enterprise ?

No problem, testing and building this app with a great team. Hacking OS, we have the right guys around? We are not geeks, we just like to discover things …
2016 - put your OS knowledge on the table, COM objects

Beacon simulators are cool

Beacons got a lot of attention on both Android and iOS, but I use a Windows 10 phone. Ooooooh, deprecated, antiques OS, we can simulate beacons also. Just built an app for both Desktop and Mobile to simulate beacons, so I can test my app with a touch on the awesome AMOLED Quad HD 5.2″ screen. Oh, I heard Apple didn’t introduced it yet … it’s to expensive 😀

Automated testing on old software

Let’s pick a 1992 software written in C, C++, C#, never designed for automation. A mature product used by big companies, with Macro functions. As comparison, is just an ‘MS Office’ for translation, from 180 languages to 180 languages, from basic documents to desktop apps or Android apps and databases.
2015 - Passion, remember ?

The IT guy

Firms are delivering expensive hardware, but we can buy cheaper from the right store. Build me a computer so developers don’t complain. Done. Still in use, still good. Remember, passion ?

Everything has a beginning right ?

Well, this one was my first one. Just throw Castle Core into some classes and automate some flows with C# for a desktop app.
2014 - MS Student partners, interviews

Opportunities - start now

Microsoft, Suse, big companies, so starting OS extra classes. Get first certification in Windows Vista, learned OS basis. My first 16 bit with basic math instruction caught form, at least at design level.

Automation ?

Let’s start with the basics, you work with Silverlight and WPF. First let’s do some console apps. Then we can automate IIS deployment.
2013 - Let the Windows Phone begin

CoreBuild - Nice people, their first Junior

I still remember one of the first IT interviews. They told me when I left their office that I will be their first Junior, and in February or March they called me. 1st of April my first work day. Hello world, I’m Vadan.
2011 - play with new toys

Web, web, web

More web, more php, a few websites built from scratch.

Games how are they built ?

Gapwalk, today known as Cosmic Rim Games appears as bachelors degree project. Founded as a garage project with a colleague. We follow our dream, struggling to buy That 1000 USD Unity license. His reach, he bought it 🙂
2008 - time to grow up

Go to Poli they said

In my hometown we have some of the greatest universities from Romania, some even well known in Europe. I had a lot of options, so I choose the hard option from my plate, passion should compensate. In the end it worth it. Just a quote from students: The first 7 years are harder, until you reach the 3rd one. It wasn’t quite like that, but not far away, anyway.
2005 - toolbox

Pro.;gramming ...

Made my first library UI design in Visual Basic and getting familiar with what is called today Visual Studio. Learned some Pascal, but what’s that ?
2004 - opera, Firefox, Opera again and IE

Now is passion

Upgrading components, installing software, easy … ’cause is just passion.

Internet ?

Now we can afford internet. Let’s make our first network and pump some internet in it. 8 kb/s … 64 kb/s … 256 kb/s … 1 mbp/s that’s it, intra network is more awesome, 100 mbp/s.
2000 - let's see what are those switches

My super power - computers

Dissembled my first computer after 6 months my parents bought it. Burned out the power supply, fun times with Warcraft 2, GTA 2, Wolfenstein, Mario, games for MS-DOS and Windows ’95 on Floppy disk’s. I hope you remember how they look like. If not, don’t worry I can give you a Windows 3.2 book 😉


Nowadays is popular and you can find a lot of information on internet, but in 2000 it was like what is internet ?
the beginning of an engineer story

My super power - computers

Just a few weeks before the Romania became a democratic country, a new engineer was born. A little guy with big dreams.

There is more about me

I loved to go to country side or hiking, but times are changing and our free time is getting smaller day by day as we grow up. With this, it came out that I enjoyed to take some photos with my phone. I started with flowers, continued with macro and landscapes. Or at least I tried my best.

Phone photography is a new trend that shows interest in our days and I thing this is due to the fact that phone camera are more awesome day by day.

Enjoy my little gallery. ->